Speech and Hearing Science Lab Vienna

Lab Facilities

Equipment available at the SHS-Lab includes the following:

Laryngeal High-Speed Camera HRES Endocam 5562

Vibrations of the vocal folds are video recorded in vivo using a HRES Endocam 5562 High-Speed Camera (Richard Wolf GmbH). The camera is equipped with two rigid endoscopes Type 8452 and enables recording at frame rates of up to 4000 Hz, using RGB colours.

Head and Torso Simulator B&K 4128C-002

A Brüel & Kjær Head and Torso Simulator 4128C-002 is used for various types of acoustical research. The device includes two ear simulators, a mouth simulator, and works with a Nexus conditioning amplifier.

Audio equipment

Additional audio equipment include the following.

Audio interfaces

RME Fireface UFX II

RME Fireface UCX

RME Babyface pro

MOTU 896 mk3


Genelec 8040A

Genelec 8020B

Genelec 8320APM

Fostex 6301B

Portable audio recorders

Tascam DR-100 mk3



AKG C414

DPA 4066

DPA 4088

B&K 4133

B&K 4144


AKG K-812

AKG K-872

AKG K702



Computationally and storage space expensive procedures are executed on computers including the following components:

GPUs: 6 x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super / CPUs: Intel core i7-7800X, 6x 3.50 GHz / Working memory: Corsair Vengeance 32 GB (DDR4-2133) / Harddisk drives: WD Blue 4000 GB SATA 6GB/s, SAMSUNG 860 PRO 256 GB SATA, SAMSUNG 860 EVO 2000 GB SATA

Access to the Vienna Scientific Cluster of the TU Vienna (vsc.ac.at) and the High-performance computing facilities of the MUV.